Sunday, February 28, 2010

It'sAll Over

Well, the Olympics comes to a close today, and I can finally peel myself away from the TV. All that is left is the men's Canada vs. USA gold medal hockey game to come later tonight. If Canada wins this gold medal, we will have beaten the record of the most gold medals received during the pressure guys!


I have to say, Canada did so much better than I ever thought we would. In the middle of the games when our skiers were falling and bob sleds tipping over, I have to say I didn't have much hope for a high medal count. However, tonight I will be glued to the TV set watching that final gold medal game and cheering on my country. I believe we can win that final gold medal! If not, I am so proud of our atheletes, especially Joannie Rochette who could have easily and understandibly dropped out of the competition after the death of her mother. But the one person I am most happy for is our curling team. Martin has been on that team for 20 years and finally has won that ellusive gold medal! Way to go team!
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