Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrity Hybrids

When I was younger I had this fun theory that many of the female celebrities were the same person, they just dressed differently. I came to this conclusion because of some pictures I have seen where you could easily mistake one person for the other. For example, this picture of Britney Spears reminds me an awful lot of Jennifer Lopez. Her facial tone and features look Latin for Pete's sake. I don't know if it was the airbrushing, the lighting or the fact that maybe all celebrities are cut from the same cloth but I don't think it was deliberate. When Britney's photos were taken years ago it wasn't like the current purposeful trend of hybrids like Christina Aguilera (love her!) who is obviously styling herself as a modern-day old Hollywood glamour star. She is a modern-day Marilyn (who died on my birthday, August 5, but in 1962) just look at the eye brow pencil mole emblazoned on her cheek.
My boyfriend has commented that I have a facial structure like Jessica Simpson when she has brown hair, and I swear he looks like Alan Tudyk, only a lot younger. Maybe the reason we all look so similar is because it is easier for us to travel so we are meeting and breeding with people we would not have been able to 100 years ago. We are mixing and becoming hybrids, an assimilated people. Maybe I am related to Jessica Simpson in more ways than just coincidental looks..although I can't sing to save my life.

Take a look at these celeb hybrids, they make for beautiful people:
Left: Scarlett Johanson and Marilyn Monroe
Center: Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera
Right: Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Stacy, Won't You Be My Friend?

This fashion vixen is the Jewish and outrageously sarcastic half of the amazing duo that hosts the TLC show What Not To Wear. As well as hosting her own late night show called Fashionably Late with Stacy London. If you don't know who she is, then 'Hello', you need to watch the show. Her witty banter with Clinton, catch phrases and down right rude sarcasm to her guests has made the show very popular. It is the same thing week after week, but I can't get enough of it. I even watch the marathons some Sundays! If you are new to the show, it goes something like this: surprise unsuspecting fashion victim, give them $5,000, throw out there wardrobe, go shopping, cut hair and then the big reveal. I love that some of the stores Stacy and Clinton send guests to include H&M and Costa Blanca. These locations are inexpensive to the average consumer, if you don't have Stacy's salary, and we see that really nice inexpensive pieces can really tie an outfit together.
I have asked my roomates to nominate me for the show, but I cannot commit to wearing hideous clothing from that point on. This is necessary because you never know when they are going to be filming you. Stacy has had a career worthy of envy and the talent to match. Her resume includes being a stylist to the stars, a TV host, senior editor of Mademoiselle and fashion assistant at Conde Nast. I love her because she dishes a big serving of this 'take nothing from nobody' attitude with a side of 'oh no you didn'. It is the kind of personality one needs to be successful in business. I love her too because, like me, she has an addiction to shoes and she owns over 400 pairs, 'Shut up!'

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Can't Please Everyone, So Wear What You Want!

No matter what we do or how we dress, there are always going to be some people who disapprove of our style. There is no universal consensus on what is 'in fashion' and what is not. You can see differences in fashion between countries as well as between cultures that are within the same country. So if there is always going to be someone somewhere that disagrees with what you are wearing, no matter what you wear, why not wear whatever you want? If people didn't mix the styles up and toss the rules, we would not have so many ideas to grow from season to season which is what gives us variety and keeps things interesting. It is often those that rebel against the fashion scene and society that initiate trends that go mainstream (e.g. Converses, Hush Puppies, Vegetarianism).
But there is a confidence that comes with dressing the way you want to dress, especially if it is different than that worn by the masses. In my experience I have found that if I was criticized for wearing something that was 'in style', it hurt more than if I was criticized for wearing something I had put together myself. I think this was because I was looking for acceptance through my clothing. By being rejected in something that should have been acceptable to my classmates, this made me feel like it didn't matter what I wore, those girls wouldn't accept me. Alternately, by wearing something that I thought looked good, negative comments didn't perturb me as much because I liked what I was wearing, I wasn't trying to impress anyone. And that I think is the difference. If you believe in and feel good about what you are wearing, even if it is a potatoe sack, other people's oppinions don't matter. It gives you a sensibility not to take negative comments to heart.
More lately than ever, my eyes have been drawn to people who dress differently. I do not judge, I just admire the adventurous nature and creativity of people in big cities. I have found that Toronto is a feast for the eyes. I could sit in a coffee shop and watch people walk by all day while getting inspiration to sketch. I find my eyes drawn a lot to goths and lolita's, especially there hair. If I was not in a corporate climate, I would probably have the fuchsia hair I had in high school. I admire people for there confidence to express themselves so individualistically. They are able to represent themselves in a way that they feel reflects there inner nature and, although I'm sure they get many negative comments, it is who they are and they dress accordingly no matter what. I really feel that those 'different' people are what make things interesting and inspire new ideas.
Just something I have learned over my few years of highschool, if people don't accept you in the clothes you wear, then they are not worth your energy. You can't please everyone, so just please the only person that really matters, you.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shopping Heaven

I went home this weekend to spend 2 days with my parents and my brother who came down from Toronto. On Saturday on our way to supper we passed by this elderly ladies house on our street who seemed to be packing up her garage sale. I told mom that we would have to visit on Sunday! So, Sunday at 11 we headed down the road and saw a swarm of cars and people dragging stuff out by the arm load and going back for more. When we walked up the drive, a woman handed us a plastic bag and said that her mom had passed away and everything was free, so take whatever we liked. I couldn't believe it.
I had mixed emotions about the situation. I was excited for free things, but sad that this was everything that that soul owned and now it was being swarmed over and picked apart by strangers looking for bargains or something worth money. I was also extremely saddened for the family who had to watch these strangers pick there mothers life apart. Everything that was once hers and meant something was now gone and all that was left of her were memories. Like pulling your hand out of a bucket of water, life just proceeds on without you.
Everything from her iron to furniture to nighties were out for the taking. Admiring her for years I wanted something, something that had meant something to her. I wanted to honour her or do her justice by taking something that I really liked and would cherish just as much as she did.
I know most of you like vintage shopping and this would have been a haven for you! There were shoes, clothes, hats, scarves all free. I ended up with a few things. An awesome vintage 70's upholstered chair which I am extremely excited about, a vintage 70's bed throw, 3 silk scarves and a 70's coffee cup.
So here is to her memory, I will use and love that chair for years to come, and think of her everytime I see it.
Won't be home till next weekend, so will not be able to post a picture of the chair until then.

Double Tag Teamed

I have been tagged by both Emma and Miss.Femme.Fatale!
OK, first for the first who tagged me, Miss Fatale.

5 things in my purse: OK, there are a million things in my purse! I'm in the process of buying a new one, but through random draw, I have: an advanced screening ticket for "Get Smart", the novel "Lipstick Jungle" by Candace Bushnell who wrote Sex and the City, a PB&J sandwich lol, Qupid flats, and pepper spray.

Things in my wallet: Canadian Tire money, gift certificate to ALDO, credit and debit, martini olive skewer, and hair salon cards.

Things found in my room: I'm renting a fully furnished right now, so most of my stuff is in Kingston, but I have: clothes exploding out of the little closet, woman form, sewing machine, painted picture by moi, and all the perfume and accessories I need.

5 things I have always wanted to do: live for a few months in Switzerland, visit Machu Pichu, go to a runway show, become a photographer, produce a runway collection.

5 things I'm currently into: vintage shopping!, dirty vodka martini's with olives, 70's anything, blogging!, and reading.

impressions of Miss.Fatale my tagger: She is artsy, get her classic inspiration from old film and old style like I do. She likes to be unique, but cannot express herself to the fullest currently in life, but her blog is one good outlet for that. and, I love her blog ;)

Tagging Jazmine and Dotti

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Fashion is to Me

To me, fashion is not just about getting up in the morning and throwing on clothes for the day. It is a process of picking individual items that are unique and that I think reflect me as a person. When I dress, I usually dress by the mood I'm in. I like clothes that I am wearing to be an unspoken statement to those around me about the type of person I am or how I am feeling that day. But I always try to make sure that I am wearing at least one piece that makes me feel amazing, that way my confidence lasts all day. Why wear something you are not comfortable in? I think how you feel in your clothes is correlated with your mood. If I don't feel comfortable in something I'm wearing I am more reserved and hermit-like.

I cannot say I have a strict style per say, because my mood and tastes are always changing. I have office me, that wears corporate clothing to work, outing me who wears chic clothes and lazy me, who wears comfy cute things. There are more sides to my personal style, but I think those are the main three. If I could wear masquerade clothing and get all dolled up with feathers, fake lashes, and paint everyday I would, but that is not acceptable where I work and live. My outlet for this interest will be in fashion design and hopefully costume design as well.

I think it is good to look around and gather style inspirations from many different sources, just do not copy someone else's style, take ideas but make it your own. I look to Nicole Ritchie, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, and the current Ashley Simpson for some of my ideas. And I also think it is important to take chances with style, yes not all current trends work with all body types, but we can take pieces and incorporate them into what does look good on us. I am not a computer of internet wiz, but I am going to try to post pictures of my style in a seperate section not on the main page.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to the Masquerade

Runway shows are beautiful masquerades full of unrealistic clothing that are semi impossible to wear in normal life. Unless you are Victoria Beckham I suppose (whose style I adore by the way). New York Fashion Week, which was initially called Press Week, was started in 1943 by PR maven Eleanor Lambert. Since its humble beginnings with ready to wear designers, the runway has only gotten more spectacular and become THE event where people come once a season to be entertained. It is a time where designers can flex there creative muscles and has become less and less about the clothes, but more about the entertainment value and shock factor. These events are a showcase of a designers creativity not just within the boundaries of clothing, but encompassing the ambiance and feeling of the entire collection through the sets creative elements. The designers' visions for there collections are conveyed through atmospherics such as runways, lighting, music and props. They give us a peek at the dreamscapes and nightmares that inspire there collections.

Designers are constantly pushing the envelop with sky high heels that are difficult to walk in, and runways that are almost impossible in the shoes.

With Alexander McQueen's shoes to the left and Dior to the right, it is taking modeling from career to sport with the steady increase of job related injuries. From the simple requirement of being able to squeeze your feet into tiny shoes, modelling has become a career that requires skill. Balance, concentration and endurance are needed to be able to walk in these shoes and awkward garments while looking poised and graceful.

The scene on the runway is not one for the practical consumer. Unless the collection is labelled Ready to Wear, the clothing on the catwalk will not be the same as what is sold in boutiques. Shows are an opportunity for designers to let there crazy imaginations run wild and then, apart from that, there is the practical element of toned down sellable clothing. Not all designer shows are Galliano or McQueen but they are appreciated for there wearability and beautiful craftmanship.

As designers continue to dazzle us with there designs and take there creativity to new heights(literally), we can only expect a continuation down this path as designers try to out do themselves season after season. I'm looking forward to next season wondering what new extremes these individuals will dream-up next.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiny Treasures

They're tiny, shiny and oh so precious! In the latest issue of Vogue magazine I recently stumbled upon shell purses that are made in the Philippines. Although I thought immediately "I must have this!" I was disappointed that such a small treasure was worth a fortune, $880. Well, to a student this is a fortune.
I was searching Ebay and Google for these purses on sale and came across this site which sells shell and other unique jewelery inexpensively. The two shell purses shown here are both $2.20 plus shipping, but, there is a minimum order required.

I have yet to order one but was so happy when I found this site which made me search for other inexpensive purses. As soon as I came across this one below, I again thought to myself "I have to have this!" but once again I was confronted with a hefty price tag of $600. Ah well, I guess I will just have to keep looking for little jems like these that are within a students budget.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Vintage Adventure

OK, so last Friday was the first time I have ever gone vintage shopping and it was a unique experience. I was right about the overwhelming amount of clothing that you must search through, so having a game plan was very helpful! On Friday night I went to one vintage shop which was renowned for its good quality well as its prices. I was looking for semi-cheap unique, not $79 for a dress. I didn't end up purchasing anything at Rag Time, but the stuff that they had was amazing. I almost bought this pair of red crocodile print heels, but I have such a high arch in my foot that there was no support, and I wouldn't be able to walk in them long. They were adorable though!

I was determined to find something this weekend, it was my goal. SO on Saturday I headed down to the Glebe area and visited the Antique Market. There was a mink shawl that I thought was precious for $24, but I didn't know if I would wear it considering winter is 4-5 months away and my style taste changes pretty quickly. Just wandering around the shops I came across a consignment shop, and within I found exactly what I was looking for! 2 awesome belts. Sorry, I should have worn something other than a black shirt so you could see the details.

I love the large buckle on the one on the left, and the crocodile print on the one on the right. Together they were a grand total of $14 which I think is pretty good. The belted waist has been in for quite a while now and I'm hoping it stays in for a while longer. For those of us with an hourglass figure, these are very flattering.
So for my first time, I didn't get a haul, but I wasn't expecting to. I am new at this and feeling my way. I think I did alright for my first attempt.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Trend Prediction Confirmed!

A few posts ago I was talking about trends for the fall and mentioned that I hoped that feather accessories would be big because I love the look of them. So last night after a stressful final exam, my boyfriend took me to a martini bar in Westboro Village. After we were seated and our funked out waitress, whose style I had been eyeing since we walked in, came up to take our drink orders what did I see? Nothing but a feather headband hair piece in her hair that resembled the picture I posted earlier, only hers was a beautiful turquoise colour. It looked fabulous! She purchased it at the vintage shop I am planning on going to tonight which has given me extra optimism that I will find something awesome as well!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't Weigh Me Down

I was looking at the Chanel Spring/Summer collection again and when examining the shoes I just noticed the ankle purses! I don't know how I missed these before. Thinking of the practicality of the things, if you were seriously walking in high heels and had a bunch of change in your ankle shoe purse, wouldn't it cause you to wobble? One of your legs would be getting a work out and not the other! Although I do have to say that the look of them is very cute. Maybe just to carry a lip gloss :)

The concept reminds me of the new platform shoe made for strippers which has the "tip" money slot in the side so that people don't have to put the bills in the girls thongs anymore. Those would be practical for a place like the US where everything higher than a quarter is a bill, but in Canada we have all toonie and loonie and they get really heavy fast. If a dancer got too many toonie and loonies in one shoe she would be dragging herself around in circles! Not very sexy!

Vintage Adventure

So tonight I have my final exam for Politics and Globalization and then I am free for the rest of the summer! This Friday I am treating myself by going vintage shopping for the first time. There are several thrift/vintage locations here in Ottawa, but I think that being in a store that is crammed full of clothing and other accessories can probably be very overwhelming, especially for a first timer. I have decided on a game plan, I will be looking for funky accessories like bracelets and necklaces, purses and dresses or long skirts that I can make into dresses. I think that this will cut down on the sensory overload that all the clothing can have. But I will not shy away from looking at other things if I see something interesting :) Thanks for the shopping tips everyone, they will be helpful! I really hope that I find something unique so that I can post it on my wall sometime this weekend. Watch for my thrifting finds.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which is More Important, Fashion or Style?

You may be thinking, "these are two halves of the same whole", but I disagree. To me the difference between fashion and style are trends and brand names. To be "in fashion" or "in vogue" we are wearing the latest trends and labels that are known to everyone via magazines, TV fashion news. We wear these fashions because everyone knows what they are, who they are made by, and, most importantly, how much they cost. Isn't that mainly the reason we are willing to paid outrageous prices for brand names or tiny prices for there identical imitations? It is because these products or "fashions" hold a certain status (only the rich can afford them) which is universally known. Why would you spend hundreds on a piece of clothing if no one known the amount you paid? Why not just head down to Forever 21 and get a Diane Von Furstenberg identical look alike for $20.99? The answer is, because we want everyone to know how successful we are or what kind of person we are. Isn't that the way our culture is going now? We envy the rich and the haves. We are obsessed with status symbols like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Prada. The semi-successful want Club Monaco, Guess or La Coste. Look inside your brand shirt right now, I bet it is made in Bangladesh, China or Turkey. Guess what? So are the clothes from Suzy Shier and Garage. Heck, they may even be made by the same supplier.

The stylish do not look to the most popular brands, they look for well made clothing. They follow the trends but not the obvious stand out labels. There choices consist of the current styles like high waisted pants, pencil skirts and large belts, but they are not blatent brands. Personally I don't need LV all over my purse, alligators on my shirts or DG on my glasses to feel good about what I am wearing. I am quite happy paying good money for clothing that will last for a long time, even if no one knows how much I paid for it.

Do not think that I am against brands, I own my share of Abercrombie, Jacob, Von Dutch, etc, but I choose my items carefully. I now choose clothing that looks great but you wouldn't know where it is from because it is not a giant billboard across my chest. I like different things and I don't like seeing my friend toting the same Louis Vuitton bags I just bought last week. It makes the whole experience of purchasing popular expensive brands unoriginal because everyone looks exactly like you. This current decade has been all about branding yourself and using brands as status symbols. I am predicting, and personally hoping, for the next decade a removal from people using themselves as free brand advertising and a move toward wearing clothes for the simple reason of them looking great on you, not because of what they say about you.

Comments? I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is Fashion Getting Tired? Or Inspired!

Through the years, women's shoes have become more and more inventive with the available materials that allow designers to have limitless freedoms in there creations. One of the most ingenious I have found is the folding heel which allows for a quick change between lower office to higher dinner heels. Those are inventive, but the focus of this blog is the not so recent trend in women's shoes. The trend of male shoes mascarading as female shoes is not recent because I have seen it progress over several years. The first time I noticed the feminine equivalent to men's shoes was several years ago in a J.Lo "Jenny from the Block" video. She was wearing Lugs boots with heels which I found to be outrageous and a must have! Maybe it was just because J.Lo was wearing them, but they were the sexiest boots I had ever seen (I was 18 at the time).

I do not believe that shoe designers are running out of ideas and grasping for inspiration in men's shoes. This has just become the new trend in ladies shoes. Since the J.Lo success, we have witnessed many other shoes converting to the feminine side. One example is the tuxedo shoe which grew a heel

and the classic men's dress shoe follow suit.

Whatever the reason for the recent explosion of the feminine take on men's shoes, we should all be glad for the increased choice to match our ever increasing closets (like we don't have choice enough!). The only people I feel bad for are the male population who are so limited in there selection of shoes. There has been more variety in recent years but I still get complaints from my guy friends when they talk about my shoe collection. Maybe shoe designers should reverse there focus and move towards men's shoes. I think we can give them the yellow stiletto ladies.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vintage Virgin

Ok, so this Friday after my exam on Thursday (yuck) I am going vintage shopping for the very first time! I am extremely excited because I had no idea of the cute things that you can find in vintage shops. Since starting my blog last week I have been searching through a lot of the other fashion sites, which are amazing, and most of them feature vintage clothing. I have been completely inspired to go out, shop, and create my own unique looks. I have finally had the "ah ha" moment when seeing that you can look stylish and fashionable and not have to spend over $100 on a dress. And the plus side, by it being vintage, this means that there is a good chance no other person my age in the area would be wearing the same thing. Like today with my H&M shirt. Some sites I have been inspired by are fopsanddandias:



I love fashion, and these are the types of images that make me excited about vintage shopping! Although most of these are from shops in NYC, I'm sure I can find cute things here in Ottawa. Albet they won't be the huge name brands.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Catching a Trend...Achoo!

When certain trends come into style like the flapper dresses, big retro earrings or bag dresses we think "uh, that is one trend I am NOT going to concede to". But, as we are repeatedly bombarded by the images of these creations and the people who wear them, I have found that it is quite possible to accidentally, catch a trend. This has happened to me for 2 very memorable items. The new gladiator sandal and the new Ford Mustang.

When I first saw the gladiator sandal I thought, "OMG, those are hideous! why would anyone want a sandal that is so complicated to do up and goes all the way up your leg!" I swore that I would not give into this, but now catch myself thinking "oh, this would look good with a mini dress or shorts". I have even found myself searching for a pair on the net! It doesn't make sense! Some how the imagery of these shoes have made a favourable impression on me and actually changed my perception and attitude towards them. It is extremely difficult for advertising to change a negative attitude to a positive attitude, but the hype did it! I now think they are adorable.

A similar reaction happened when the new Ford Mustang came into production. I have always wanted a 1969 Mustang, but thought this new car was a rip off of the original and felt it was the worst choice Ford could have made. I even saw Marissa Cooper (from The O.C.), whose character and actress I despise, driving one which cemented my distaste for this car. But now it is one I plan on owning in the future! How does this happen? How does a product go from hideous to fabulous? I am guessing that a product that is sooo different (gladiator sandals) then what we are used to it takes a while for the product to sink in and become accepted. After seeing the sandals around I see that they can look good and they are not as crazy and outrageous as I thought. I wonder when Forever 21 will copy this sandal...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruffle My Feather's

Ever since I happened upon a picture of a feather headband (not the one below) and belt the other day, I have become obsessed with hoping that feather accessories will be the new trend in this fall. I absolutely am in love with the look, although they would have to be faux feathers. The accessory below was found on Pluma .

There is something about the old world elegance that feathers have that attracts me to them. I would very much like to find something like this that is vintage, but new is fine by me. I have also been contemplating making some peacock or speckled hen inspired headbands because I usually cannot find the perfect accessory to match what is pictured in my head. And with feathers and a glue gun, I think it would be easy to make.

I am hoping that these appear this fall, but I've also been feeling short lady-like silk gloves. Ones that barely cover to the wrist on the top of the hand. I have been thinking about these since April and think they would be a great accessory as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City Review

Ok, I was rooting so hard for this movie. Not only because I love all of the seasons or because I knew the clothing would be a vision orgasm, but also because every one of my friends who had seen the movie said it was "the best thing ever" and they needed to see it again. I am very careful about this because usually when I hear that and get pumped up for a movie, it thoroughly disappoints. I made sure that I did not have high expectations for this flick, that it would just be another episode, only longer. But even being so careful, I still was not impressed by the film. Yes the clothing made me cheer out loud, the wedding dresses yowza! and also laugh out loud, Charlotte :), but they tried to squeeze in too much. The film was drawn out longer than it should have been 2.25 hrs, and there were too many cliché moments with the most predictable ending. I am all for happy endings because that is the way it should be, but this was a chick-flick to the extreme. In the end everyone got everything they wanted with the exception of Samantha who, in a way, did get what she wanted as well, freedom. Don't get me wrong, I love the girls, Charlotte is a Goddess and I will definitely see the next movie if there ever is one, but once was enough for this movie. Even after watching this movie I still think that strong characters are still wonderful, still fabulous, and is still the best episode re-run to watch. I cannot get over the shoe buffet of Manolo's, Louboutin's, Choo's and the clothing overload from Vera, Vivienne, Dior ect which was dessert for the eye. I was in awe of the accessories throughout the entire movie. It was definitely a feast for the eyes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Blog Ever

I have always wanted to start a blog, but didn't know what I would write about. Although I think that is the beauty of it, you can write about anything and not have only one specific topic. A blog is like an online diary that the world can read. It seems strange to me that we are willing to share our frustrations with the world, but have trouble telling some of our close friends these things. Maybe it is because our close friends may judge, while the opinions of those who don't know us don't really matter all that much.

My blog will be based on anything that I deem interesting enough to share with others. I like sharing small discoveries, so stay tuned and enjoy the blog!


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