Friday, September 19, 2008

Days Fly By

Has it really been 4 days since I posted last? The days here are short and just fly by! It doesn't help that I got up at 10am this morning either. My day consisted of getting up, fumbling around until 2:00, went to class, went to the mall and then grocery shopping. I am now munching on dinner (8:00pm).

But while fumbling around I did come across Victoria Beckhams's ads for Marc Jacob. I think they are very interesting. She is robotic and doll like. posing with the packaging and seeming as if, if you buy Marc Jacob, you are bringing home VB. Anyway, I love VB, she is tiny and adorable. I think she is one of the only women who can pull off how skinny she is. She does look kind of frail and sickly at times, but other stars like Selma Blair or Kate Bosworth just look anorexic. Anyway, love this campaign.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is What a Girl Wants REALLY What a Girl Want?

Since I can remember I have always wanted to date the stunner, that knock-out guy who was rugged, popular and sweet and who attracted flocks of girls. Looking back at my dating record through highscohool, I can say that I was pretty much right on the money, I always dated this stereotypical guy. But what one perceives as what they want isn't always so. Sure some of the guys I dated were jocks and I loved how we looked from an observers perspective, but when it came to the other stuff in the relationship I wasn't wooed by who they were.
After being in the dating game for a few years, I have only had a couple serious boyfriends and don't date randomly, I have come to the realization that that perfect, desirable and rugged man that I have always wanted is the exact opposite of what I really want. Yes I want a guy who is good looking, but doesn't realize it, but I also want someone that no one else wants. I do not want competition, I do not want to have to fight for their attention and adoration. I'm sure many girls can back me up by agreeing that it is extremely annoying and tiring. But this is the way it goes sometimes, since I personally loath it, I only put up with so much before thinking it is not worth it anymore and move on.
The type of guy I thought I wanted was Collin Farrel, but the man I would rather have is Ben McKenzie.

I like Ben because with his home town hair he looks like he could be the loser type but sweet and attentive. I see Ben McKenzie as being more sensitive than Colin who looks like he would be looking for another smoke somewhere. That's another thing I think is sick and do not want to deal with is smoking, yuck.
My immediate family doesn't smoke, my dad hates smokers. but a lot of the rest of my family does. I never thought I would date a smoker or if someone I was dating started to smoke I would give them a chance to quite and if they didn't I would walk away. I am in that situation right now, and it is kind of hard to walk away from something because someone smokes. Is that a basis or a reason at all? I will not marry a smoker, but is that a reason not to date them? I am very hard-headed and have strong morals but when it comes to the actual situation, it seems like the cheap way out.
So, over the past 3 years I have come to realize that what I thought I wanted was just something I liked the idea of, but not actually what I want to end up with. I have come to know what type of guy clicks with me and the ones that I like the look of but will steer clear of. I have always found quirkiness and uniqueness more attractive than looks, but right now I'm just having fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hang On, I've Given Myself a Wedgy

Who invented the spandex tightes? Who ever they are they made their company a lot of money by making horrible fashion! Ok, they can be a cute accessory to finish an outfit in certain situations I wll admit. But I find them ok on the super skinny, or the slim when they are hidden under a skirt or long sweater/shirt, but the ways I have seen tights being worn...yowza.
Who ever decided that wearing coloured tights as pants was a good idea should be shot! I do not like seeing spandex clad bums everywhere with every jiggle rippling through them in a "I don't have to look at it so I don't care" manner. It does not matter what size you are, these ARE NOT PANTS! It is gross and needs to stop. I can honestly say I have never worn these tights, except for a theme party called THUNDERWEAR but that was a joke situation. I know that I do not have the body shape for them and dress my body not wearing them.
Spread the word to all those you love because you are just looking out for them and don't want them looking back in 10 years and cringing, tights are not an alternative to pants. We love our friends but they are not the ones that accidentally glance at themselves from behind and shudder.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Love the Look of Luxury

No matter what, I am always in search of clothing items that 'look' luxurious. Even when shopping somewhere that is relatively inexpensive overall, I can sometimes find a diamond in the rough that I know look fabulous. My bf complains because I can shop all day and not purchase anything. My philosophy when it comes to shopping is, "if I don't love it the moment I put it on and look at myself, I won't buy it". I do not like having 'ok' items in my closet that I sift through trying to make a nice outfit. You know the ones, they are the 'when I lose some weight this will look fabulous on me!' or the 'oh I wish this was a bit longer, but I'll buy it anyway and wear something under it'. I have a whole closet at my parents house in Kingston full of these that I haven't touched in a year.

I have learned that items like these that I purchase I never end up wearing, or feel self conscious in them when I do wear them. I have jumped to the love it or leave it philosophy which is working out very well, even if it is annoying. The reason that it can be annoying is, sometimes I just want to go shopping and blow some money on nice things but even by shopping all the live long day I can't find anything I like. This = extremely annoying, not just for le bf. (he doesn't come shopping with me that much anyway).

I have also found that even though I have been saying it since I started blogging in June, I have yet to post even a picture of myself! Let alone one about what I am wearing or fashion in general. This is an outrage and it stops here! My last computer that I had for 4 years crashed 4 months ago (hence 4 years of pictures of myself gone), so I dug one up off of Facebook. Now you can put a face to a name and hopefully there will be more photos to come! (once I get my batteries back).

That is me in the middle, between my 2 roommates. It was Halloween and we were firefighters! That night = awesome time, and yes I also love my red suspenders!

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School Cool

I apologize for not writing lately. In the past week I have moved into a new place and started my last year of school. Yesterday was the last day, and it is kind of sad yet exciting that I am almost done. I am now living with a girl from Quebec and she is really nice. She speaks some English, and I hope that I will be able to pick up some French in my 8 months here.
On to my first day outfit! Being a 4th year student I wanted something that was simple, sophisticated and said something about me. I didn't want anyone to mistake me for a frosh. I have come to a point where I feel I am over the University thing and need to move on with life. It is not a sad thing, just a move in my life. I cannot wait until I am done and am off to Europe! OUTFIT! ok, I wore a dark and light red striped collared shirt from H&M, black detailed flats from Jovese, a pair of Capri black pants from a boutique in Kingston and a simple god necklace. I loved it. It was cute enough to get ample stairs as well as sophisticated enough to show my respect to the profs, especially at my3 hour 8:30-11:30am class (grown). I would have taken pictures, but it seems my batteries are in le bf's camera which is in Kingston. Suck.
There is also a new edition to the family here!! My roommate Alex got a kitten! She is so sweet but evil at the same time. how can cats go from cuddly to wrapped around your are in a split second? Alex sprays her with water, but I just leave her be. She is not my cat to punish. I wouldn't like someone spraying my cat, anyway. I will post pictures of the cute thing soon. Oh, and her name is Yama.


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