Friday, January 30, 2009

Adorned Heels

I have come to view the label Christian Dior designed by John Galliano as one of my favourites. The designs are different and quite beautiful, especially the couture shows. I like that Galliano has an 'anything goes' attitude when it comes to fashion and even when it comes to the accessories. I have taken notice of the embellishment and creativity over the past few seasons, particularly in the shoes. Runway models are walking on anything from geisha inspired shoes to fertility Gods.
While the theatrics are fun to watch and appreciate, I do not think these types of shoes have a place anywhere BUT on the catwalk (unless you are Victoria Beckham that is).

Even though I do like the shoes (especially the last ones here), I only like them to look at and not to wear. I feel that a jagged heel disrupts the streamline and elongated leg that a heel is meant to create. During the Spring 2009 show I found myself looking at the shoes trying to figure out what was on the heel rather than paying closer attention to the clothing. For myself I think they only belong in the magical environment of runway and not everyday life. But they are fabulous nonetheless!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing Special

So I am worried as I'm sure all students are that are in my position. It goes like this, I am in my final semester of University I do not have a job, do not know what I really would like to do (that I am qualified for) and my boyfriend recently moved 500Km's away to Mississauga. Right now I am trying to find a job in Toronto for when school ends so that I can be in the midst of business in Ontario as well as be closer to him. It's just a very frustrating day.

Another pic of my new haircut. Off to the gym tomorrow morning bright and early!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The New Do!

Ok, so I got this hair cut about 2 weeks ago but have been having camera issues so couldn't post it until now. Everyone I know seems to think it looks fab but I am not so sure. I cried the night I go it, but I now have bangs! I haven't had those since grade 8 which was...8 years ago (WOW!).
I didn't realize how dark the picture was. The hair cut actually makes me look more grown up. Ah well, I will have more pictures up in the coming days. Oh, also for my new years resolution, I have started going to the gym! Off to class!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outfits of the day

I was just on the Forever 21 site today, (it has been a while!) and found 2 looks that I absolutely am head over heels for. I also found one that I am quite fond of, but would need an occassion to wear it. The one here I think is fabulous! I am the type of person that has a hard job putting outfits that I really like together, but when I see something put together that is amazing, I know it. This one is just lumber-jack fun! We have the knit beret that is very popular right now, the sinched waist and leggings. There are many popular items in this one look and I think it is great! This outfit below I think is just plain fun. Minus the necklace and the fringe bag I would wear it in a heartbeat. I see all these clothes that I would love to wear, but feel like I am too chubby for the trend. I know I know, if you love it and it works on you, who cares. I would def have o replace the skinny jeans for a little looser fitting, because I am not a size zero. But love love love it!

I adore this one as well. It is very garden party, very impress the boyfriends mom. I love the feather headband and the colours of the dress. But it is made nice an conservative for a family get together by the sweater. Tres adorable!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Inaugural Day

Today was an amazing day in the history of the United States and breeds new hope for close to the US. For years I have felt that Canada has been blindly following the orders of another, and I hope that from this day on our relationship will change from master and commander to friends. Today was emotional for many around the world. I see change, I see one-ness and I see hope. I think that we need change and Obama will be someone who can bring about a new way of thinking which will inspire more than just Americans.
My only fear is that Obama will not finish his term. Because this is such a radical change, I have the sneaking suspicion that some people are no going to handle this change well. I can only hope that no assassination attempt will be made.
Happy Day of Change!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back!

I know I fell off the face of the earth for a few weeks, but I am back! It is hard to keep blogging with an internet that is on dial-up. It takes too long and is not worth it! So back at my high-speed apartment I will now continue.
I had a great Christmas break, lots of family and the past 4 days was skiing at Tremblant in Quebec and staying at this cute little challet near the hill. I went with 4 other friends so it was nice. I will post pictures soon.
I just got back and my life will commence tomorrow with the start of my last semester of University! Till then, ciao.


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