Thursday, November 26, 2009


Busy with things places and people. Witnessed a car accident while sitting here! Snapped a few shots the other day. I love this skirt because it just looks like a plain one until the light catches it, and then you see all the pattern and embroirery. You can see it best in the second picture. I am excited for my stained glass lesson tomorrow! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?



top: Ann Taylor, Skirt: Ann Taylor,

Friday, November 20, 2009


I signed up for a stained glass lesson! I have never really had a desire to make stained glass, but I think this will be really intersting. There is a little shop up the road from my house that gives the lessons. Wonderful people, the place is called The Glass House if you want to look it up.
Also, I have taken up drawing in my spair time. I take memorable runway looks and sketch them for myself. I like having art on my walls that I've made myself.
Here is a Louis Vuitton Spring 2009


louis vuiton spring 09

Here is Giles Deacon Spring 2010


Giles Deacon Spring 2010 RTW

I think I'll have to fix the face on the Giles one though, I'm not really happy with it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleeping Caps and Vintage Hats

Last week le family and I went antiquing in the Picton area, and came across a fantastic vintage store! Unfortunately it wasn't open at time and all I could do was drool and fog up their window. Well, today being a do nothing day I ventured to Belleville and spend at least 1.5 hours in the place. It is the most incredible and affordable vintage store I have ever been in. All the clothing and accessories are in perfect condition and the variety is staggering. There was a whole wall dedicated to hats! The furs, the shoes, the gloves!




aren't these gloves incredible!? ($28)



Amazing dress! ($80)

I couldn't leave without picking up a jem or two. I ended up getting 2 vintage hats. One with mink fur and beaver. On the fur debate, I do not buy new fur, but I will wear older vintage pieces. The woman from the gallery was amazing! She kept getting me to try on hats, and I loved them all. She took my number just in case she needs a model for them. Neat!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Charols and Cardigans

Phew, it was a busy weekend and a sickly one. I wasn't feeling that great but my brother and his girlfriend came down from Toronto for a visit. I was pondering life and getting older over the weekend and thought I would share a thought...Isn't it interesting how so many things change around you as you grow up? Using my brothers life as an example, he used to come home and stay when he was in school because my parents place was still his home, then he came home often for weekends after he got a place and job in Toronto, and now it is infrequent and doesn't come by himself. He is now a "we" not an "I". Now holidays are different, you don't feel as close any more...When you're young you always know and expect growing up to happen, but when it does, the day to day you knew for most of your life is suddenly different. I am one of those people who likes consistency in the world and I'm eagerly anticipating mine to settle down.
Anywho, I was out with a friend for shopping and supper last week, and bought this little cardigan that I think is so special. It is the boyfriend cardigan style which I have always loved and finally have one myself.




Wearing: Necklace: custom made Sworovski cluster; Cardigan: Pure by Alfred Sung; Top: Banana Republic; Jeans: my go-to;

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give Me Eggnog Or Give Me Death

Well, I got the job I interviewed for in Toronto but turned it down. I don't know if that was a mistake or not...loved the people there but it wasn't quite a job I think I would be happy doing for years to come. I really hope that another position comes up there soon.
Well, in anticipation of getting ready to move, I have been couch shopping and dish shopping. I am loving going into stores and thinking about how I want to decorate my new place! I want it to be modern and sophisticated which a cream, light pink, grey and black colour scheme. My favourite interior designer is Sarah Richardson. I wish she would do my place!! She does live in could make a good episode!




Skirt: H&M; top: Victoria's Secret; sweater: J. Crew; belt: Ann Taylor; tights: random tights

Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone Deserves Cookies

So I was waiting around in Union Station on Friday for my VIA train when who should get off her but Stacey Mckenzie. I haven't seen her since Ottawa Fashion Week! She looked great by the way, but I was surprised that she wasn't surrounded by her usual was just her. I wonder what she was doing in Toronto?
I did a lot of walking downtown Toronto before heading out at 6:30, and did a lot of window shopping! I had to buy this knit hat from H&M, it was so sweet. Everyone is always complaining that I don't dress warm enough in the winter, my motto is usually "fashion over function" which is ridiculous but true. So here is my first purchase towards winter prep, I never wear touques or hats but when they look this cute, I'm going to have to start!




Hat: H&M

Friday, November 6, 2009

T. Dot

I'm in Toronto again. I have been staying at the Sheradon which is why I haven't been blogging lately. You would think that for the price you have to pay here every night, that wireless internet would be free, but no it is $17 for 24 hours to have it in your room. Bogas I think. Anyway, I have had a big walk around the streets of Toronto today. I had breakfast at this little place called Jave on Augusta and Queen St W. For $4.25 you can have eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, salad and toast. It was tasty. :)
Oh, and last night, le bf came down to visit me for our date night, we have one every Thursday, usually over the phone because we live in different cities. He got here at about 7:30-8pm so we just ran across the street and grabbed some street meat, then went up to my hotel room and talked while eating Italian sausages and fries covered in Ketchup. Yummm...
Train back home at 6:30

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween


I hope you all had a happy Halloween! It is probably my favourite holiday. It rivals Christmas very closely. Well, I don't know about yours but my Saturday night was full of a few firsts for me. First time I played rock band (awesome by the way), carving pumpkins with le bf, first time I met one of le bf's ex's (very nice girl), and the first time I have walked through a cemetery at night looking for white noise! I really thought it was going to be scary and I would want to run back to the car, but it was oddly calming. The only point I was a little disturbed was when le bf walked off and I heard a strange noise. Other than that, it was a successful session :) I have run the recording through a amplification program and found a few curious sounds. If I find anything worth mentioning I will let you know! I thought it would be perfect for a Halloween night.
Here are some photos from the nights festivities, I don't have the photos of my costume, they will have to be posted later when I get them! BUT, I was Princess Buttercup from the Princess Bride. No one got it, but I liked it :)


We started with some pumpkin carving. That is me with the most unoriginal pumpkin you have ever seen!


Sneaking up on le scary!


The cemetary...did you hear that?


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