Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Premier December 20!

This is very exciting. If you are in Ottawa on December 20th here is an event to go to. The premier of 2 films "Keep the change" and "One wish" by room 18 films. The reason why this is so exciting is that the short film "Keep The Change" I was the costume coordinator! I actually have a credit. The costumes are normal people clothing, but I still styled actors which is amazing. It is going to be at the National archives at 8:00. There will be a reception afterwards where you can meet the actors writer and producer of the short films.

Wedding outfit

I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and am wondering what to wear. I like this little number, but I am afraid it is too short or revealin for a wedding. My other option was that red skirt and a white blouse with a wide black belt, which I am wearing in the picture below. Also with my black Bitten heels.

I would appreciate any suggestions!

dress: Bluenotes boutique shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker belt: unknown

Check out the Ambition

So of course I am just starting into exams and am freaking out and getting wrestless. I tend to put things off when I really should be doing them aka studying, and here is my distraction. I have been trying to make myself a dress FROM SCRATCH! I am not using a pattern which is pretty insane since I haven't even made that many pieces of clothing. Even with a pattern. I know this probably won't work but I think I will learn a bit along the way so it is a good learning experience.

Ignore the skirt part, I just threw the fabric around the bottom so you would get the idea of what I want it to look like. The skirt wil be shorter and fuller. That is the fabric colour I want to use which is why I put it on there for perspective reasons. I have done more on it since this picture was taken, but ony the lining so it still looks the same.

I have an aweful time trying to find things in store I want to wear. I usualy have a clear cut image in my mind of what I want but can never never find it. Then months later I see other people wearing what I wanted to and meanwhile I never got to wear it in the first place. So I figure, if I can learn to sew and make my own clothes, I can wear things when I want to and not have to wait till the trend comes and goes.

Her Name Was Kiwi

Well, after losing the ability to use her hind leg 2 weeks ago, my baby was put to rest yesterday morning after a trip to the vet. She was 7 human years old which made her 105 bunny years old. What hurts the most is that she was bright and ate well, but just could not move much. She was supposed to come and live with me once I graduated, which is only 5 months from now. The secretaries at the vet loved her, and so did everyone else that came to our house. I am happy that I went home last Saturday just to see her because I knew it might be the last time. Here are some pictures of her.

It is strange to sit and think about death, but on the rare occasions that our lives are impacted by it, you can't help but think about it. The one thing that is hard to wrap my mind around or accept is that she is gone. Just like when loved ones die, this soul is gone forever and I will never meet anyone that is exactly like her for as long as I live. Her life, our memories and her personality disappeared when she died and ony live on through me. She will not hop throught the Christmas wrapping paper this year either. If it is true that there is something after death, I will not see her again for at least 50 years which is a very long time to wait. Like my grandmother, I cannot believe I won't speak to her ever again. I thought of getting another animal but you know that things can help with the hurt but nothing will replace her. So go and hug your animals because they are amazing and bring us so much joy. You don't know how long they will be with you, and we usually take them for granted, so let them know you love them.

Capital Fashion Week

The evening of CFW was full of socializing, picture taking, and had the perfect ambience for a runway show. The event took place at the government conference center which was tasteful and the execution of the event went swimmingly. The whole evening was very well organized allowing for two recesses between the 4 runway shows on Friday night. This event which set the tone for future Ottawa Fashion Week's even garnered the international attention of Stacey McKenzie who sat front row and applauded as Canadian talent came down the runway. Stacey has been a guest judge on America's Next Top Model.
The event was not very publicized, but was open to the public. There was a healthy balance of socialites as well as studets and business persons. I manned the Capital Style booth during intermissions and watched the runway shows from the photographers booth (great seats!)
The first designer was Dace Brand by Dace Moore: very laid back and casual clothing but with detail that gave it a stylish edge.
KaaDiki: Haithem Elkadiki
Jume: Alia & Jamil Juma
Eugenia: Eugenia Leavitt

Meeting Outfit

Running to a group meeting at 1:00 wearing one of the sweaters I bought yesterday. Just threw on a black belt for the belted hourglass waisted look. Will also probably put on some gold bracelettes. Very simple, easy and comfy for computer lab work. I have an event to go to tonight for the magazine Capital Style. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary which coincidentally, it was le bf and my 1 year yesterday. It is going to be held at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and should have nice finger foods. Did I mention it's an open bar? But seriously, I will take this opportunity to network with some of the business people, I am looking for a job come April after all. There will probably be a post tomorrow about m outfit and some picture of the event! Stay tuned.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sans les boots

Well I didn't get any boots today (they put the wrong size on hold) but I did go semi Christmas shopping! I am set on getting my mom some fbulous clothes for Christmas, so I am trying on things in my size that I want to get her. You know, things that hide the tummy and cover the arm. Anyway, I think I am going to go with a wonderful black knee length coat for one of her presents. It is very elegant. But while shopping, I had to spend a gift certificate that has been burning a hole in my purse for about a year!

I popped over to AE and bought this!

pretty awesome hat. I also picked these up. A short sleeved beige sweater and a burgundy sweater dress. I spent too much on myself today!

close up:Hat: AE $37 beige sweater: $37 Sweater dress: Buffalo $68

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boots Boots Boots

I am obsessed with walking boots. I see them everywhere, I have been shopping in numerous stores and malls, but have yet to find the perfect walking boots! It is frustrating. I went into this one store called Joneve and they had some incredible shoes although not in my size. I wish I was something smaller than an 8/9 because these sizes are usually not available.

I want these Steve Maddens:

but have these on hold for me at ALDO to try on tomorrow:

They are a different style than I am used to and that everyone else is used to seeing me in, but something about them has just pulled me in. I think they are fabulous and hope they feel fabulous tomorrow!

ALDO boots: $140

Friday, November 7, 2008

Life and Work Balance

I attended an ELLE event about the Balance of Life and Work which was put on by a friend of mine last night. It was the usual business management gathering of financial employers and mix of students all socializing over wine and cheese. It was fun, I got to talk to some friends who no longer attend the University but were surprisingly at the event. I can honestly say that as the evening progressed I did not expect much, especially not a guest speaker that almost brought me to tears with her speach. Heather, the guest speaker, was a chartered accountant who quite her job, moved to India and moved back to start her own Yoga studio. Even though she did not like public speaking, you could tell that she was calm, poised and centered. She was telling us that there should not be this separation between work life and home life. If you love what you do it should be in all aspects of your life. Success to her was finding happiness in your job and loving it. It is hard not to get overwhelmed when someone is talking about their passions in life.
Her speach made me emotional because everything that she was saying about loving your job and wanting to connect with people is everything I want out of a career. I want a job that makes me want to work. I would love to make clothing that made people feel fabulous, or bring clothes to the arket that did the same thing. I have not found my passion in life even though I have been searching really hard for the past few months. They say things come along when you aren't looking for them, but I cannot wait to find something that I will love doing for the rest of my life. I know that I was born to be an entrepreneur or at least work in the fashion industry. I have thought about being a buyer, merchandiser or fashion designer. I will have a marketing degree in 5 months but still no skills for the fashion industry. I know fabric, can sew clothing, can spot trends and have good fashion sense, but have no degrees or proof to show anyone.

Spring 2009

I was searching through some Spring 2009 collections and found these gems. I had not heard of Monigue Lhuilier before, but she makes the most incredible bridal gowns! Here are two from her newest collection:

I have been a long time fan of the elegance Oscar de la Renta puts into his collections. This season I loved the mod retro swimsuit look he injected into the collection along with this gown, here is my favoutire from Spring 2009:

And then there is Alexander McQueen. Some designers are famous for being well, famous. But this is a man that is famous because of his creativity and skill. He can change body shapes and introduce new materials like no designer I have ever seen. I loved the canary yellow feather dress he did for his fall collection. It was extremely similar to what Kenley did for her finally dress on Project Runway. I am not in love with this piece below because I would want to wear it, but because I can appreciate the art and detail in it and the pain it would take to make. The flow of the fabric at the shoulders looks like it was accidental, but yet it is semetrical on both sides. The fabric is beautiful. If it was toned down a lot I think it would be very cute to wear.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Play Dress-up

So I have an etiquette seminar to o to today and do not know what to wear. We are suposed to dress up for the business setting, so here are the two options I am considering:

I'm prety sure the trousers are going to win, bt I wish I had a pop of colour to go with it, like a SKINNY BELT in orange. That would compliment it well. There was an awesome orange belt at Mexx that I think I might have to go and get. Then there is my chunky gold necklace I picked up at an antique store.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

How is it that I have never accidentally come across this show? I thought it was just another Sex and the City remake until I went on Rogers On Demand and actually searched it out. The only thing available on On Demand is season 2, but I read the book so I know what should have happened in season 1. I just want to say the show is fantastic! Plot line aside, the clothing that is worn makes me want to cry. I loved Sex and the City for the story line because most of the clothing was atroschious, but Lipstick Jungle has it all together. Especially Victory and Nico, they are two powerful and damn sexy women in their working clothes. I could definitely not get away with sleeveless dresses when I worked in an office, but that is somewhere I would love to work! Some where where fashion actually crosses the minds of employees and they put some effort into what they want to look like in the morning. Here are a couple of my favourite outfits:

These women are just so dang adylike and professional looking that, rocky relationships aside, I would love to live in their world!

There was also a dress worn by Victory that was a metallic pink embroidered number that was sleeveless with a boatneck. It was gorgeous. If you know which one I'm talking about, there is a dress just like it at Banana Republic for $275, but they didn't have my size :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I like shopping abroad

One thing I like about traveling, especially to a different country, is the different shops and things that you cannot get at home. Because you cannot get the same things at home, this means that it is extremely unlikely that other people will have the same article of clothing. Even when away I try to shop in stores that are not national/international chains, I look to one-ofs or the boutique types. Boutiques always have clothing that has a different spin on the everyday styles. This is a short sleeved cardigan that I picked up on my trip to North Carolina. I loved the sequined bow! I am currently looking for one of those sequined beanie hats in black, I think they are darling!

I See The Future and The Future is Skinny

Well, skinny for belts that is. I think there is going to be a turn from the chunky belt look towards a more streamline sophistocated look. I have love love loved adding belts to outfits to instantly create a emphasis on curves and have always gone for the chunky wide belt. It has always been a statement piece to me. But over the past couple months I have suddenly hade an inkling to move towards the more slinky belt. The statement I feel like making now if not be sheer size, but by contrasting colour. A nice bright yellow against a navy turtleneck or an intense orange against black.
thiese are shning examples of what I think will come into fashion in the near future. Yes they are not extremely new photos, but I think they will catch on. But of course I will keep my awesome wide belts for when they come in again in a season or two.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Off to town

It has been a frustrating 2 days. Le bf and I had an appointment yesterday at the Orphius Theatre to try on and get Halloween outfits, but because of the snow, the lady didn't show up. We had a second appointment today and she was not there at the time she said she would be, then we came again and she had left. She ended up calling us 2 hours later to say she was at home. It is very close to Halloween (tomorrow) and I am getting nervous. I did get this childs knight costume which is hilarious, but want something better for he party tomorrow night. We have one last appointment toorrow morning at 10:00, but I feel like standing the woman up. I really would if I had've found a better costume but I have my heart set on being a cigarette girl, not a knight. We grabbed a little lunch and then parted ways. I had class and le bf had whatever. Here is my day's outfit:
Tomorrow I am off to get make-up, fake lashes and decide between 2 parties. Not in a good mood right now, but hopefully that changes for tomorrow night!

A picture from the snow:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To School with ya

Quick snap, school is crashing down all around me. So many projects are coming due in the next month that it is hard to wrap my mind around all the work I am going to have to do. This is my Friday school look before realizing a project dillema and not going to class at all.

Off to a "tacky" party tonight, post pics soon.

Bag: ALDO Jeans: RW&Co.

leather gloves Tank: Holister

Sweater: F21

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trend Prediction Confirmed!

I should be a trend predictor. At the beginning of summer, my prediction for more emphasis on feather hair accessories came to fruition, and now! At the same point as the hair accessories I was dreaming about short leather gloves. I thought gloves would be the new chic in for fall trend and guess what, they are and they are fabulous!! Baby Phat has the short gloves as does Zang Toi New York! Other designers are doing very long gloves which I also think are extremely sexy. Off to class!

School Day

Just a quickly thrown together outfit for school. It is only 5*C out (35*F) so coats are key!

Inspiration: Katherine Hepburn.

Shirt: boyfriend's

Belt: thrifted

Jeans: RW&Co.

Bracelet: Le Chateau

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here are a couple accessories I bought while down in the States.

Necklace: Vintage

Rings: F21

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Back!

I'm back from my North Carolina trip and ready to go back to school. I bought 3 coats, 2 sweaters, a knit cape, and 2 cami's but my parents took most of it to put it away for Christmas :( That means I cannot post what they look like till then :( But here are some pics of my traves. I was in Concord NC and went in Saks Fifth and found this Michael Kors coat! They didn't have my size (ugh) so it couldn't be a Christmas present, but it is pretty:

On Friday I got to zoom around Charlotte Motor Speedway in a racecar! It was fantastic! We were going 165 MPH or close to 300 Kilometers per hour. It was fast. Here's me suiting up:getting in the racecar:
and meeting the King of racing, Richard Petty, #43:


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