Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

We took a drive this Saturday and ended up in Marmora. It is a sleepy little town just North of Belleville. You wouldn't know it, but it has a world renowned iron mine in its midst. Some food for thought, when excavating the iron ore, they removed 70 million TONS of waste rock.
On route to Marmora, we entrusted our good friend Emily the GPS to take us on a nice no-brainer path to the town. However, when the road became dirt and started to narrow we got a little worried...when we passed a sign that read "beyond this point the road is not maintained by the township", we were really worried. Emily led us here:


straight into a beaver pond. It might have worked, but we didn't have a 4X4 truck handy. Anyway, here we got to the mine and I'm standing on one of the many many tractor tires used to load up rock and iron ore.


you can see the mine tailings piled up in the distance.

This random picture is of a cake I decorated on Friday, and so ends my cake decorating lessons. I was rushing, trying to get it done before class was over, hence the blobbs and lack of detail. it has now disappeared.




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