Monday, April 5, 2010

Evan Biddel T.O Fashion Week Expose

When I heard that Evan Biddell walked the Bustle runway in Toronto along with Jeanne Becker, I thought "awesome! I love him, I have to see those pictures." When I heard he did a crotch grab at the end of the runway, I thought laughing "oh Evan, always the standout comic" However, when I saw the photo, my laughter turned to disgust. This is not just a Michael Jackson crotch grab, this is a double handed junk thrust which was a little much for me. Call me picky, but I thought it was a little vulgar. I still love ya Biddell, but...what were you thinking? One hand just isn't enough?


Did you hear about this? What did you think?

1 comment:

  1. Well, he's focusing as much on honing his 'persona' as his creative talent (maybe moreso), so I'm not surprised. I think most of his so-called antics are about as outrageous as something at a high school party, but I guess TO's fashion crowd was desperate for a "rebel." He's talented (and a lovely person too, I'm sure), but I'm cynical about how much hype he generates vs the actual substance.

    Oh and double-handed = sooo overcompensating. ;)



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