Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been wanting to share these with you all for a while. they are my new babies! How i got them is a great story I think :) I went into the Felicity&Fritz boutique downtown on a Saturday just to browse and try on some shoes. They were having a 40% off boots sale, so that was my target, to look for a pair of boots. I have been looking for the perfect pair for 4 years now. I tried on the pair below and they were the last pair of that style in the store and in my size! I really liked them, but I didn't think I loved the $200 worth, so I left. I had been thinking about them my whole week at work, and on Friday after work I decided to walk back to the store not expecting to see the boots ever again. Well they were there still on the shelf. I tried them on a second time and did a little strut around the boutique. I talked to the owner about them and how I had been in a week earlier. I told her that I just couldn't do it. She hummed, and asked if she knowcked $50 off, would that make a difference? I said YES! and bought them for 50$ off the before tax price! My amazing distressed leather boots that are designed and made by a leather company call MARC in Germany are now in my closet :)




I love how the leather comes down over the heel of the boot. MARC $147.


  1. That is super awesome that the store owner gave you such an amazing discount on the boots! They are gorgeous! You will be so stylish next winter.

  2. Amazing booties!!!Love them!

  3. i love the outfit , its super cute and casual xoxo



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