Monday, May 23, 2011

Montreal Victoria Weened

I spent about a week planning things to do in Montreal for this past Vicroria Day long weekend, and of my list we probably did 3 things, and even those were the most unplanned plans I have ever done on a vacation. I am not someone who is spontaneous on a holiday, getting lost is not fun to me :) I am used to the Chevy Chase vacations that my dad used to take us on where we would be going from one attraction to another. Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Hoover Dam to Meteor Crator to Death Valley...all in a couple days. That is what I'm used to, but trips are about compromise in what you are going to do.
Here is a photo montage of my time in Montreal :)
I managed to forget my camera in the hotelroom for most of the first day, but definitely made sure I had it the second day.

My day started out with breakfast and coffee at a quaint little eattery called Ben and Florentine:

Montreal 004

I am a huge fan of waffles! Below is my waffle breakfast with English cream.



then we were off to Old Montreal

Montreal 015

Montreal 033


Dinner was at a brewery on St. Catharines:




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  2. I'm not very spontaneous either! looks like you had a good time though x



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