Sunday, July 10, 2011


If I told you what went on this week/weekend I don't think you would believe me. I hardly even believe the luck that my family is having lately. I don't think I have been more scuffed and bruised or required more bandages form playing a sport. Doctors don't do anything for concussions do they?

Anyway, I went shopping today just to get out. I feel like I haven't done some good ol' retail therapy for a long while, but got my fix today. I got a couple pieces that will help me make 4 new outfits for work/play. Here are my purchases of the day:



looove this dress. It is a bit short, so I'm going to wear it with some black leggings that I picked up at H&M the last time I was there. The print is really interesting; it changes as you go across the dress, but it is all one continuous fabric.




I fell for the details on this shirt. the arms and rope around it are great.


some great dress-pant shorts




This skirt had some great detail on it as well. I always like getting clothing that has some sort of visual interest so that it is a special piece on it's own.


  1. Oh, great dresses! I really love the print on the blue and white one - kind of like sand dollars.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Love the first dress, and that's a nice print on the white skirt :)

    xxx London



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