Sunday, December 6, 2009

Homage to The Lady

I love Lady Gaga for her fearlessness and how she turns ordinary things like hair, newspaper print and disco balls into fearless barely-there fashion. I once read that she wears such little clothing while performing because her grandmother is almost blind and can only see light colours. The more skin Gaga shows, the better her grandmother can see her on TV. How true this is, is anyone's guess. According to Gaga on the Jay Leno show, she has been scantily clad for most of her years. She went to a Catholic school where she had to wear a uniforms and says she was always getting in trouble by the nuns for hiking her skirt up too high. However, these experiences and life lessons are what make us who we are....and I wouldn't change her! She has brought some freshness and originality to the celebrity music scene.

Here are some of her most notable looks...

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