Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I spent another lovely day in Toronto today. It was freezing cold and snowing all over the place but I still had fun! I think I finally have a good handle on the Toronto bus and subway system...however I have yet to attempt the streetcar adventure. I visited the Bata Shoe Museum, it was interesting but not worth the adult fee (go Thursday after 5 and admission is free). Next I hit the Eatons center, always great fun and then I went to the ROM to see the Vanity Fair exhibit which is worth a look.


This is a little black dress I tried on at H&M. Amazing texture and ruffly straps. for only $39.99!


The Bata shoe exhibit. I was interested in the pedestal showcase.


fun fact: high shoes like this were a legally mandated aspect of dress for prostitutes in many parts of Italy around the 12th century. An order by the Florentine Office of Decency in 1384 stipulated that prostitutes must wear platform footwear.



Fun fact: High heels were popular for both men and women. They were seen as a status symbol, those with high heels vould not do manual labour.


  1. Those high heels are work of art.

    Did you get that dress? You look so fabulous in it.

    PS...I have a blog give-away. Hope you can check it out.

  2. I remember the Bata Show Museum :) and I love that dress. H&M always has such fantastic pieces

  3. I am in love with that dress! It looks fantastic on you!



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