Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Me Day!

Well, today is my birthday. I am now officially in the late part of my early 20's. I can't believe that next year I will be in the middle of my 20's! But it is time for my yearly reflection...

Isn't it strange that when you are younger you are always wishing that you were older, but when you get there, you want to stay put forever? I remember when I turned 20, it was exciting, but I couldn't believe that I was never going to be a teenager ever again. It was kind of a haunting thought, but each year on our birthdays we are reminded that we are marching slowly towards death. I find ever year on August 5th I sit down, like right now, and think a lot about my own mortality...I don't understand how everyone can be so calm all the time when you know that you are going to die someday. We just plod on with our jobs, our day-to-day and sometimes boredom knowing that each moment that has passed is gone. I think consciousness of mortality is cruel. It is a topic that is always in the back of my mind and one that I don't like to think about very often...every year I wonder, "am I making the right decisions?", "am I where I wanted to be at this age?", "am I doing what is best for my future?" "am I on the right path?"

I guess the answer is, we just don't know. So, I think that doing as much as you can, experiencing as much as you can and treating everyone with respect is the best way through life. The world is full of amazing things to be experienced, and everyone deserves to be treated equally, because we are all equal. We all end up in the same place.
I will introduce you to my amazing birthday presents soon :) Tonight for my b-day dinner, I will be wearing the shortened, thrifted red dress that I posted about earlier. And so life goes on...


  1. Happy birthday! (:

    And well said. I've always rushed to grow up - still am, actually! But why? Why not cherish this youth? Is it societal, or is it just because I'm a twenty-something stuck in the body of a teen? Who knows.

    But I'm one of those people who like the gratification of knowing. Knowing I've picked the right path, knowing what lies ahead. But I suppose that sucks the fun out of life and spontaneity, right? (;

    Enjoy your birthday dinner darling!


    P.S.: Thanks for stopping by La Couturier! I've just recently launched my new website and blog, A Bit Coquettish. Do visit - I've [finally!] dropped my guise of anonymity. Take a peek? (;




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