Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kids Who Wear the Crowns

I went shopping States side today, which I love to do. Because I was by myself, I only shopped in Watertown, at the SalmonRun mall, Kohl's and Target. I didn't find as many deals as I was expecting, however, I did enjoy the low tax rate. On my $44 dress, I paid just over $1 in taxes. I think that is awesome.
I didn't buy much, but as usually, I made sure I loved what I got. I was so close to buying a Calvin Klein dress today. but found the one below that I liked more. If I hesitate over a piece of clothing, I immediately put it back. When I go shopping, I doing buy anything I don't immediately love when I try it on. I have always found that those purchases have been a waste of money because I don't wear them.


I also bount my first pair of wearable wedges and I am sold. They are so supportive, I want more!






My original intention when shopping was mainly to get 1.5-2" high heeled shoes for work, and possibly some tops and maybe a pair of pants for fall. I ended up being draw to all sorts of skirts and dresses. I did get a pair of shoes, but also got a dress of all things. The season is changing, and I but a I am also looking for the perfect sweater dress right now.

Dress: Maurices; Shoes: Target; Earrings: custom butterfly wings

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