Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Wonderland

As promised, here are a couple new photos. The one flaw that I have found in many places I have lived over the past 5 years is a lack of closet space; There never seems to be enough! Luckily, since I am living at home, I get 2 whole double closets! They are pretty jam-packed, but I think they should be the limit on how much clothing I should have...I am going to have to adopt my brothers philosophy of "buy a new item, get rid of an old one."
I also plan on doing some what-I-wore-to-work posts in the near future; I am absolutely obsessed with work clothes. I always have been, and I am currently planning a trip to the States for some dad b-day present shopping and work attire. I am planning buying my dad a charcoal bbq for his b-day...would that be a good gift?



This tank is one of my all time favoutire shirts! It looks so fancy under a sweater of blazer. Tip: if you are looking for classy items or amazing classic pieces, take a look around older women's stores like Cleo or Melanie Lym. They always have great basics.


Next week when I get paid, I am splurging on a massage and pedicure! Any advice on what kind of massage I should get? I haven't had a hot rock one yet.

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