Friday, January 30, 2009

Adorned Heels

I have come to view the label Christian Dior designed by John Galliano as one of my favourites. The designs are different and quite beautiful, especially the couture shows. I like that Galliano has an 'anything goes' attitude when it comes to fashion and even when it comes to the accessories. I have taken notice of the embellishment and creativity over the past few seasons, particularly in the shoes. Runway models are walking on anything from geisha inspired shoes to fertility Gods.
While the theatrics are fun to watch and appreciate, I do not think these types of shoes have a place anywhere BUT on the catwalk (unless you are Victoria Beckham that is).

Even though I do like the shoes (especially the last ones here), I only like them to look at and not to wear. I feel that a jagged heel disrupts the streamline and elongated leg that a heel is meant to create. During the Spring 2009 show I found myself looking at the shoes trying to figure out what was on the heel rather than paying closer attention to the clothing. For myself I think they only belong in the magical environment of runway and not everyday life. But they are fabulous nonetheless!

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