Monday, June 29, 2009

Starbucks, I Hate You Today

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Has anyone visited Starbucks lately? Well before you go there thinking that you can access the Internet with your Starbucks card, STOP! Let me tell you a little frustrating story that happened to me today based on this very same assumption...

As you will probably know from my rantings by now, when I come home and visit my parents in Kington, they have dial-up internet. That means that in order to do anything on line I must wander out into the city and find a place where I can access it for free. My usual spot is Starbucks in Chapters. I love it because I can make a lovely outting of it. But not I found out that you cannot access the internet using your Starbucks card anymore, oh no. You must set up an account with Starbucks and then activate it before you can start using the net. However, here is the straw that broke the camel's back today, after you sign up for the account you cannot get to your e-mail to activate the Starbucks account because you cannot access the internet UNTIL you activate the account. So there I was sitting in Starbucks staring at my computer screen in disbelief that the people who created this new program were this dumb. I don't think it was actually tested before it was set up.

But they got me in the end, I went home, waited 15 mintues for my e-mail to load, and activated my account. Now here I am happy as clam blogging away.

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  1. Wow that's so frustrating :(
    Sorry you had to go through that!

    On another note, thanks for the comment in my blog. Animal prints are sweet.




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