Friday, June 26, 2009

Studded Glory





I dropped by a thrift store in streetsville yesterday after my haircut and found this B.B. Dakota dress and studded belt. I like the contrast of the girly ruffled dress with the seriousness of the belt. It's just fun. Since watching the Sex and the City movie I have wanted the studded belt that stylist Patricia Field said was a vintage find. If you loved it too, good news! Asos has made a similar replica and it is available for 15Pounds here.

Also worth a mention, on my day in Streetsville, I had a disappointing stop at Second Cup. I went in to grab a tea while waiting to head over for my hair appointment and, after ordering my usual Orange Poeko, found that it has been discontinued! Second Cup has stopped selling Orange Poeko tea which is regular black tea and the most used in the world. I thought this was a little crazy and needed to be shared with everyone :)

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