Thursday, June 25, 2009

The New IT

As part of tradition, every year there are different pieces of clothing that designers and critics alike celebrate as the must-have of the season. From bell-bottoms to acid-washed jeans to platform shoes and chunky jewelry, the industry comes up with the new fashion focuses. This year I have noticed more attention paid to a different accessory than I have in previous years. So, I am declaring the new "IT" darling of designers, the heel. It seems to be the one area that designers are applying their full fledged personality and setting themselves apart from others.
Clothes are clothes are clothes, they are fun and creative but you can only reinvent the blouse or the LBD so many times before it becomes old hat. However, at the moment the heel seems to be limitless in its design. As long as it has the functionality that a shoe needs, it can be styled and designed in any way and give a creative pop when our clothes are a bit more conservative. As for our clothing, we do not want to wear something that is completely ostentatious or liberace-esque even if it covers everything. I think that this indulgent flare that we are willing to express can be perfectly accomplished by a heel. Some of this Spring/Summer designs that have cought my eye are shown below starting with my favourite designer, McQueen:




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