Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun At Fan Fair

Picture 046

Picture 047

Picture 049

This weekend Kingston hosted an annual event called Fan Fair where vendors set up tents at Kingston Harbour and sell their hand-made goods. But on top of this there was also an antique sale going on at city hall, one block away. So this ended up being an all day outing for me. I started at the antiques where there was a ton of old, vintage and costume jewelry! I didn't end up buying anything there, but did at the hand-made craft fair! I came across 2 stalls where I had to buy something. One was bugs, butterflies and beetles covered in resin and sold as necklaces and earrings. I bought a pair of monarch earrings. Then I came across a stall where this couple silver and gold coated leaves, pine cones and even seahorses.


  1. I love those earrings! They're super cute. And the leaf piece is gorgeous!

  2. Cute earrings!

    I LOVE the maxi dress you made!!!! I wish I could do something like that!! Was it hard????

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous jewelry!! x



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