Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm in Love

I have been on a rampage lately trying to find jeans. It is really dificult for me to find ones that fit me the way I want them to, so when I find a pair, I usually buy more than one of that style. The only problem with that is that it looks like I am wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again. However, yesterday was my lucky day! I ventured into Calvin Klein, a place I rarely go, and found some great jean shorts! So I've found half of a pair of jeans that fit me well, now I need to find full length ones that fit the same! Sorry for the crappy pic, my neighbour was outside and I didn't like that he was in staring distance to my photoshoot.

Picture 098

Now I just need to find some nice ankle boots! Oh, if you ever find your self in downtown Kingston on Princess St., I recommend you check out Era, it is a quality vintage/thrift store. Blazers are $5-7, skirts $5-10, etc. Very reasonable! This is what it looks like:

Picture 043

It is probably the nicest vintage/thirft store in reference to cleanliness and quality clothing I have found.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about jeans. It's difficult for me to find pairs that fit just right. But it's always exciting when you find good jeans though!

    Love the outfit, it looks super cute! And I adore the shoes!

  2. I love the length on your rolled jeans. Very well-done. And great with the booties, too!

  3. Jeans are hard for me to find too.. but once you find a good pair remember where you got them from!

  4. i always do that, i have like 3 pairs of the same urban skinnies



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