Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Again Home Again Giggidy Gig

After an exhausting weekend in Toronto I'm back in Kingston. I had a really calming ride home down the 401. In my constant quest for something to do, I think I have decided that I will start listing things on my account. About 8 years ago now I used EBAY to sell seatbelt belt that I made and they sold like hot cakes. I quit because I moved away to University, but I think I will sell the rest of my lot. I have around 40 buckles left over. Because old cars that had the chrome buckles are being boxed up and crushed in car junk yards, these chrome buckles are harder and harder to come by. I don't know what the market is like for them 8 years later, but they still seem to be around. Here is a sample of the ones I have made and are ready to list:

Picture 089

They are also available in Turquoise, Pumpkin Orange, Red and Black. I used to start the bidding at $10, and that had been bid up to $23 on occasion. I'm not sure what to list them at now though because of scarcity and market size. ideas?
On a different note, Toronto garbage is ridiculous! I can't believe that striking individuals are holding every car up from 5-15 minutes before letting them dump their trash! Those workers get more vacation/sick days than most already so shouldn't be complaining about a little cut I don't think. If you have been to Toronto lately, this will be a familiar site:

Picture 078

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