Monday, September 15, 2008

Is What a Girl Wants REALLY What a Girl Want?

Since I can remember I have always wanted to date the stunner, that knock-out guy who was rugged, popular and sweet and who attracted flocks of girls. Looking back at my dating record through highscohool, I can say that I was pretty much right on the money, I always dated this stereotypical guy. But what one perceives as what they want isn't always so. Sure some of the guys I dated were jocks and I loved how we looked from an observers perspective, but when it came to the other stuff in the relationship I wasn't wooed by who they were.
After being in the dating game for a few years, I have only had a couple serious boyfriends and don't date randomly, I have come to the realization that that perfect, desirable and rugged man that I have always wanted is the exact opposite of what I really want. Yes I want a guy who is good looking, but doesn't realize it, but I also want someone that no one else wants. I do not want competition, I do not want to have to fight for their attention and adoration. I'm sure many girls can back me up by agreeing that it is extremely annoying and tiring. But this is the way it goes sometimes, since I personally loath it, I only put up with so much before thinking it is not worth it anymore and move on.
The type of guy I thought I wanted was Collin Farrel, but the man I would rather have is Ben McKenzie.

I like Ben because with his home town hair he looks like he could be the loser type but sweet and attentive. I see Ben McKenzie as being more sensitive than Colin who looks like he would be looking for another smoke somewhere. That's another thing I think is sick and do not want to deal with is smoking, yuck.
My immediate family doesn't smoke, my dad hates smokers. but a lot of the rest of my family does. I never thought I would date a smoker or if someone I was dating started to smoke I would give them a chance to quite and if they didn't I would walk away. I am in that situation right now, and it is kind of hard to walk away from something because someone smokes. Is that a basis or a reason at all? I will not marry a smoker, but is that a reason not to date them? I am very hard-headed and have strong morals but when it comes to the actual situation, it seems like the cheap way out.
So, over the past 3 years I have come to realize that what I thought I wanted was just something I liked the idea of, but not actually what I want to end up with. I have come to know what type of guy clicks with me and the ones that I like the look of but will steer clear of. I have always found quirkiness and uniqueness more attractive than looks, but right now I'm just having fun.

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