Friday, September 12, 2008

Hang On, I've Given Myself a Wedgy

Who invented the spandex tightes? Who ever they are they made their company a lot of money by making horrible fashion! Ok, they can be a cute accessory to finish an outfit in certain situations I wll admit. But I find them ok on the super skinny, or the slim when they are hidden under a skirt or long sweater/shirt, but the ways I have seen tights being worn...yowza.
Who ever decided that wearing coloured tights as pants was a good idea should be shot! I do not like seeing spandex clad bums everywhere with every jiggle rippling through them in a "I don't have to look at it so I don't care" manner. It does not matter what size you are, these ARE NOT PANTS! It is gross and needs to stop. I can honestly say I have never worn these tights, except for a theme party called THUNDERWEAR but that was a joke situation. I know that I do not have the body shape for them and dress my body not wearing them.
Spread the word to all those you love because you are just looking out for them and don't want them looking back in 10 years and cringing, tights are not an alternative to pants. We love our friends but they are not the ones that accidentally glance at themselves from behind and shudder.

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