Saturday, September 6, 2008

Love the Look of Luxury

No matter what, I am always in search of clothing items that 'look' luxurious. Even when shopping somewhere that is relatively inexpensive overall, I can sometimes find a diamond in the rough that I know look fabulous. My bf complains because I can shop all day and not purchase anything. My philosophy when it comes to shopping is, "if I don't love it the moment I put it on and look at myself, I won't buy it". I do not like having 'ok' items in my closet that I sift through trying to make a nice outfit. You know the ones, they are the 'when I lose some weight this will look fabulous on me!' or the 'oh I wish this was a bit longer, but I'll buy it anyway and wear something under it'. I have a whole closet at my parents house in Kingston full of these that I haven't touched in a year.

I have learned that items like these that I purchase I never end up wearing, or feel self conscious in them when I do wear them. I have jumped to the love it or leave it philosophy which is working out very well, even if it is annoying. The reason that it can be annoying is, sometimes I just want to go shopping and blow some money on nice things but even by shopping all the live long day I can't find anything I like. This = extremely annoying, not just for le bf. (he doesn't come shopping with me that much anyway).

I have also found that even though I have been saying it since I started blogging in June, I have yet to post even a picture of myself! Let alone one about what I am wearing or fashion in general. This is an outrage and it stops here! My last computer that I had for 4 years crashed 4 months ago (hence 4 years of pictures of myself gone), so I dug one up off of Facebook. Now you can put a face to a name and hopefully there will be more photos to come! (once I get my batteries back).

That is me in the middle, between my 2 roommates. It was Halloween and we were firefighters! That night = awesome time, and yes I also love my red suspenders!

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