Friday, September 19, 2008

Days Fly By

Has it really been 4 days since I posted last? The days here are short and just fly by! It doesn't help that I got up at 10am this morning either. My day consisted of getting up, fumbling around until 2:00, went to class, went to the mall and then grocery shopping. I am now munching on dinner (8:00pm).

But while fumbling around I did come across Victoria Beckhams's ads for Marc Jacob. I think they are very interesting. She is robotic and doll like. posing with the packaging and seeming as if, if you buy Marc Jacob, you are bringing home VB. Anyway, I love VB, she is tiny and adorable. I think she is one of the only women who can pull off how skinny she is. She does look kind of frail and sickly at times, but other stars like Selma Blair or Kate Bosworth just look anorexic. Anyway, love this campaign.

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