Thursday, October 30, 2008

Off to town

It has been a frustrating 2 days. Le bf and I had an appointment yesterday at the Orphius Theatre to try on and get Halloween outfits, but because of the snow, the lady didn't show up. We had a second appointment today and she was not there at the time she said she would be, then we came again and she had left. She ended up calling us 2 hours later to say she was at home. It is very close to Halloween (tomorrow) and I am getting nervous. I did get this childs knight costume which is hilarious, but want something better for he party tomorrow night. We have one last appointment toorrow morning at 10:00, but I feel like standing the woman up. I really would if I had've found a better costume but I have my heart set on being a cigarette girl, not a knight. We grabbed a little lunch and then parted ways. I had class and le bf had whatever. Here is my day's outfit:
Tomorrow I am off to get make-up, fake lashes and decide between 2 parties. Not in a good mood right now, but hopefully that changes for tomorrow night!

A picture from the snow:

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  1. i love the snow :)

    cute outfit!

    La C



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