Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Perfect Purse

I have been on the search for the perfect bag this season. I change my mind all the time about what I like/don't like or think should/shouldn't be in style. I hate it when I see something that I think is hideous, and then after a few exposures to the item, I end up loving it and wanting it! It is outrageous. Fringe boots however still haven't had the slightest impact on me yet. I still think they are hideous.
Back to the perfect purse! I am a huge fan of colour and huge bags, but my love affair lately has been clutches. I think they can be an amazing impact piece. This clutch is one that I purchased 2 seasons ago, but still get comments on. It is a hard bodied one with faux embossed alligator.I have loved this for a long time, but the next purse I think I would get would be a large soft and slouchy clutch purse. But, for the dreamer in me, if I had money to spare I would go for this Hermes Long Wallet...Damn, I just drooled on myself. It is amazing and flawless. Coming down to a more affordable range for me, I would like this Steve Madden bag in python. The inside is bright red! I love a hidden surprise with purses. (it is bigger and slouchy-softer than it looks)

(Steve Madden $38.95)

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