Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mississauga is Temporary Home


I have spent the last 3 days in Toronto and am now back in Sauga with le bf who introduced me to something deadly today. He showed me that a 5 minute drive from his place there is an outlet center. Not a mall, but box stores. I only went to H&M and Winners today because I am trying to save money for France. (By the by, I'm leaving for Paris in 17 days!) I had to debate what to purchase, and decided on this long white pleated tunic dress. I thought it was sweet. I know I promised better pictures, but I didn't like any of the ones le bf took.
If you haven't been to H&M lately, I suggest you go! There are so many things I fell in love with. I usually don't find much I like, but I would have bought the whole store today. I know where I will be spending a majority of my time when I get a job. I will be the best dressed whatever I become :)
I had another interview yesterday for Dolce Vita magazine. I was extremely excited when they called, until they said it was for a sales job. Sales is my least favourite area of marketing. I applied to Dolce to do articles on beauty, fashion or travel not really sales. So anyway, I will see what they say. It was only a preliminary interview, so there is no job offer, they are just keeping my no file in case something opens up.
(H&M tunic dress: $39.90)

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