Monday, August 10, 2009

Dancing in the Streets

Well I had a great weekend at the cottage. Very relaxing! I forgot to add te shoes I was wearing to my last post. These were another b-day present, I picked them out on our trip to Syracuse last week. I love ballet flats, almost too much maybe...I have a lot of them!
When I get home from Starbucks I am going to apply to an upholstery place for a job! it wouldn't be permanent, but my reasoning is this: 1. if I'm currently not doing anything, and 2. I am looking for something to do, shouldn't I do something to entertain myself and 3. make a little mony? Oh, and I have always wanted to know how to upholster furniture properly. It would be amazing to be able to redo your own couch your self...and much cheaper!


  1. Those flats are great! So simple and versatile. Always a good thing to have!

  2. Those are awesome! I love the little buckles!



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