Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Be Silly

Today is really dreary, but that is over shadowed by my exciting news! I have been recruited again to do costumes for a film a friend of mine is producing! Except this time, instead of being Costume Coordinator, I actually get to design and create the pieces with the title of Costume Designer! This film will be a full feature and will be shot next summer. Tell you more about my involvement in the coming year.
Off to see a friend in a bit so we can plan our Vegas or New York trip! Haven't decided which one yet.
I am really liking the pink/grey combination as you can see from my last few posts. I also fell in love with this skirt! I have been looking for one that has the right amount of puff to it. I just hate to take it apart and make a pattern out of it though.
Puff Skirt: H&M, Shoes: AE, Top: Buffalo, Bronze cuff: mom's, necklace: ALDO

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