Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Face of 23

Ah 23...I have worn you for a day and you fit well.

Picture 208

Picture 209

Picture 210

Picture 219

Yesterday was a great birthday with my family. We went to Utica and Syracuse for some beer and shopping therapy. If you are ever in the Utica area, be sure to stop into the Utica Club Brewery. A tour is $5, and you get 2 free beer at the end, plus one beer per correct answer you give on the tour. I am sure everyone on this blog has been to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. If not, it is a must. It has all of the store you would want to shop at on one mall ranging from Forever21 and H&M to Macy's. The best part? We got through the border with lots of stuff and didn't need to pay duty!
The shoes here were one of my birthday presents. I love Steve Maddens!
Owl: cute thing I sewed; skirt: old lady section; top: Cleo; Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe


  1. That owl is so adorable.

    And your shoes...! I looooove them! So fabulous! I love Steve Maddens!

  2. Your top is adorable. And, those shoes are lovely.

  3. Yay, another Canadian blogger!

    I really love the colour palette of this outfit, the top looks SO great on you.

    I'm glad I stumbled on your blog :)

    ♥ Christine
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