Saturday, August 22, 2009


I saw the multi-strand wooden bead necklace look a while before the cover of InStyle came out with Michelle Pffiffer donning the piece. I was watching an episode of Diva On A Dime of all shows and they made one. If you have not heard of Diva On A Dime, it is this little low budget show with the same host that also does InFashion on another channel. Anyway, the whole show is centered around taking a runway look and recreating this look through more ingenuity and bargain shopping. Long story short, they made this multi-strand wooden beaded necklace for $25 by buying one of those beaded curtains you hang over a door frame, spraying it red and making it into a necklace. It was awesome!
If you had a plane dress on and wanted to make it very non-fuss you could wear this necklace as its only accessory. I'm a fan of the chunky beads that Michelle has on compared to the ones in the picture above.
Are you liking this look for fall? How would you wear them?

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  1. I'm definitely loving this look for fall. I especially like the ones Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing on InStyle. They're fantastic!



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