Tuesday, October 27, 2009

0 Miles to Graceland

Here I am standing on the steps of Graceland, Elvis Presley's house. He bought it when he was 22! I am 23 now and am not close to buying anything let alone a huge house and property. He only had 20 years at that house because he died 20 years later.

IMG_1796 We
We visited Sun Studios, the studio where Elvis got his start. The studio also recorded musicians like Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash. This is the microphone that Elvis used while he was at the studio before his contract was sold to RCA for $35,000.
IMG_1684 Yesterday morning we visited Ruby Falls which is an underground waterfall 260 feet within the mountain. we walked 1 mile to get there, and it was worth the whole walk!


  1. Great pictures! That waterfall looks amazing!

  2. You have a fantastic blog, awesome photographs. Just love the fall, but the best is the racing, I think Nascar racing is fantastic. you are a very lucky girl.
    Love your site!!



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