Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Out today, people watching downtown from the second floor of Starbucks. That's always fun.
It is about 7*C here in Kingston, and cloudy with that damp cold that chills you right to the bone. I know it is cold weather from here on till spring so I have started the bundling up phase. One thing I can say about Canada and Canadians is, in the winter, we are not sexy, lol. It is so cold here and we wearing so many pieces of clothing that we just look like bundles of yarn with eyes peeking out. I can say that I do try to add some flavour at the expense of my health. I am a locally known for choosing fashion and frutility over function and utility. I will go cold because a thin knit looks better on me than a thick one.




shawl/sweater: Charlotte Russe; black long sleeve: Old Navy; Shoes: Decree; necklace: real sand dollar from mom's jewelry box



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