Sunday, October 25, 2009

On The Road Again

Today there wasn't any site seeing destinations, just driving. About 1 hour into our trip we started seeing signs that the interstate we were on was closed. People were still going and weren't getting off the interstate, so we kept on going too. We eventually came to a road block of cops that said there was a mountain slide at 2:00 am this morning and half the mountain had fallen onto the roads. It will be block for months! Anyway, what came out of it was a very long scenic detour through the mountains of North Carolina. It was amazing! Usually on trips we try to get from point to point as quickely as possible so we can enjoy time at the destination, but this time the nice time spent was on the winding mountian trails. It made me think that, from jumping from point to point we are focusing so much on the destination and are forgetting the journey. Sometimes it is getting there and the experiences of it are the things that last. Today, all of the focus was on the journey and there wasn't a dull moment. My 2cents for the day.




We stopped at Dunken Donuts on our way out this morning, and mom asked for one single Timbit/munchkin as she always does. Instead of just getting it on a tissue, it was given to her in a single munchkin bag! So cute! The cashier said that people ask for just one all the time.



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