Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Racecar Goes VROOM

We rolled into Concord NC at 7:30 last night plenty of time to rest up for the next days events. After a quick bite we were out to the race track bright and early for some race car driving. Last year I did a ride along and went 165MPH, this year is was my parents' turn. Mom did the ride along like me, but dad did the ride along and also drove a race car 8 laps. He went 136MPH which for us Canadians is 224KM/H.


Here's dad jumping into the drivers seat of his race car.



After a day of racing we went to the shop next to the race track where they make and repair the race cars. It was closed but they were nice enough to give us a private tour. I can't believe that to build a new race car motor is 40-50,000$.



Tomorrow will be a busy day of shopping, browsing pottery and ending up in Asheville NC before taking off for Tennessee! I'm very excited for the Jack Daniels distillery and the largest underground waterfall! More photos uploaded tomorrow night.

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