Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I went to the Fergie show at Bluesfest last night and was so happy I decided to go! That girl was smoking and she sounded really good. Only a few times was the music too loud to hear her. She played all of her hits, Fergalicious, Big Girls Don't Cry, Glamourous and some Black Eyed Peas. She also rocked out to some Ozzy and other various artists for those who had been dragged there by there girl friends. There were a ton of people at the show, and a few towers (tall people) between me and the stage, but I got a few good pics. Fergie Ferg managed to change outfits 3 times, and I give her props for wearing a jacket and pleather pants in 30*C muggy heat. I was sweating in shorts and a T.
The night started off great! My bf dropped me off hours before the show to get my ticket, and what should happen? While I was waiting in line for to get a ticket, a lady came up and asked if anyone wanted a free one. Naturally I yelled "yes, I would!" and took her ticket. Fergie played for an hour, but with no encore. I just saw a free show so I wasn't complaining! The whole night cost me $5.50 for one beer. Was too focussed on Fergie to take outfit pictures, sorry!

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  1. I'm stealing your pictures, I might do a mini post on it later tonight! I hope you don't mind, mine are bad and from the back.
    You got some great shots, yeah I could have gone to the front but I was very meh about the whole thing and comfortable where I was. I don't think the crowd was feeling her as much where we were, they were pretty silent, talking and some were leaving. There's not doubt she was good and full of energy though. I also waited a bit for the encore but it never happened.



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