Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Loss of Fops and Dandies

Fops and Dandies was my first link and the first blog I read when I started blogging 2 months ago. It is the first blog I read when I log on to blogspot, continuously checking back if nothing has been posted yet that day. I felt that since hearing the news of her departure and shutting down of her blog in a few weeks, I should write an entry about her. This blog was my favourite. It has been consistent and always has content that is interesting to read about. It is not purely about big name fashion designers or focused on the newest trends, just about what is relevant to her and her observations about fashion. I have loved the picture posts about her outfits the most, they have given me ideas and have had an impact on my personal style. Even thought we are losing a great blog and blogger, I'm sure everyone that reads her blog wishes her the best of luck with Law School. You and your daily writings shall be missed! Good Luck!

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