Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Venezuela Crowned, Miss USA Goes Down!

The 57th edition of the Miss Universe pagent kicked off in Vietnam the other night. The pagent which started off with 80 contestants, including new entrant 21-year-old Laura Dundovic of Sydney who was hoping to pull a Jennifer Hawkins from 2004 and win the crown. The event was held at the seaside town of Nha Trang.
To end the nights festivities, the beautiful 22 year old Miss Venezuela,Dayana Mendoza, was crowned Miss Universe 2008. However, this is not the only story energing from the pagent. As the evening usually progresses from bathing suits to evening wear on so on, we witnessed a deja vu moment in the evening gown competition. Miss USA, for the second year in a row, fell by tripping on the train of her evening gown and landed on her behind. This mishap happened just as the judges had narrowed the 80 contestants down to 10, of which Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, was one of the contestants. But the jarred Crystle gracefully got up, smiled and waved to the crowd.
I feel bad for next years Miss USA because of thi trend that will make her no doubt more nervous than usual. The dejeweled gowns were beautiful, but I predict shorter ones next year.


  1. Hey there I saw you're post.Ive been very busy but hope to get back on track with the whole fashion blog thing this week.One of the main things that has happened is that my expensive camera has broke due to a water leakage into the camera-So I have to borrow my sisters camera xox

  2. I can't believe she fell again! Although, I adore the yellow dress.

  3. wow you have an awesome blog, i hope you dont mind me linking you :) xoxo, lulu



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