Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was just on the American Apparel site and does anyone else find some of the pictures to be very inappropriate? I mean, I have a pretty open mind when it comes to photo shoots and advertisements, but these seem down right distasteful and perverted! The thing that really erks me is that these girls seem underage. How old are the girls in these shoots? This one below is an e-card. It is disgusting.
And this one, the picture is of a girl modelling socks. Did anyone notice that she isn't wearing any underwear? I don't care if 70's sexuality is what the brand is all about, it is sick.
Anyway, I did some research on the founder of AA, Dov Charney, and he has had several lawsuits placed against him by former employees claiming sexual harassment. He looks disgusting, his ads are disgusting, but at least he finally shaved his tell tail pedophile mustache. I didn't even want to put this sick picture on my blog. I will not buy his brand and support someone like this. Thoughts on his ads?

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  1. I absolutely hate the AA ads! I totally agree, they're extremely distasteful.

    And I'm surprised as to how the founder looks. It's....creepy.



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