Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Acquisition

I went shopping today. Just doing my part to keep the Canadian economy going :) I ventured out in this -14*C weather do actually do something. I have been worrying about my money situation and bored to tears studying for the past 3 days (who has a midterm on a Saturday?) so I had to break out! I went and got a Cafe Mocha (my new favourite drink) because coffee makes me tired, but espresso is ok. Yes I have many "Kim-isms" like that. I am very fond of Winners it iseems like a new things thrift store to me because the prices are so good. So I took the bus (by my self I might add) to the nearest one. If you have on near you today is the last day of the clearance. I tried on 12 things and fell for this one! (buying one thing out of 12 is actually very good for me)I have been searching for a cardigan for a long time and finally found one that was suitable. I am not sure if it is too old or if it makes me look like a Holstein with the pattern. But with a nice bright accessory like my orange skinny belt I think it looks fab. Please ignore the underwear hanging beside me, it was laundry day yesterday. Have a great weekend!
(Cardigan: Winners by Red, Tank: Mexx, Jeans: RW&Co., Belt: Club Monaco)

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