Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Oh, I went to Nine West today in search of a shoe that I wanted very badly. These Dasolina's were on sale online and I was going to snap them up but sadly, the store here in Ottawa didn't have any more. I have a problem with ordering items online because I want to try them on first. But since they are not in the store to compare sizes, I won't get them.

I think they are fabulous though, very strappy and PURPLE. oh so cute. Anyway, after that let down I tottered over to ALDO to look around since I have had a 100$ gift card for there for over a year now. I have a question, how can a store whose shoes are such crap charge so much? I've bought shoes there before and they have literally fallen apart. Why does everything have to be made in China? Just seeing that label, you know that the wokers are either paid by the pair of shoes or the .10 cents per hour regular wage which is horrod. This makes the shoes worth at most $3, but they charge $80. Make sense? Not really. If dollar store items are only a DOLLAR and they are shipped all the way from China, then don't you think that the same should go for the shoes? Shipping costs are not that much. I saw a special on Nike shoes years ago and the cost of a pair was $2.85 but the shoes cost over $100. What a profit! I think it would be better to spend my gift card money on ALDO accessories instead of the shoes. I haven't had any of those fall apart yet.

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