Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty

Ok, what is with the huge shoulder situation on the runways this season? As far as I could tell most people make fun of the 80's shoulder pads and now they have gotten even bigger! I have broad shoulders but it is something I try to de-emphasize to make my body more balanced and proportionate, why would I want to add bulk there? The only motive I can see for the shoulder situation is to try and create the illusion of hugely broad shoulders to make other body parts, like the legs, look smaller.

(picture couresy of Mahalo Fashion)

This may be the intent, but when you look back at the pictures you will still look like an extra from Star Trek or like you are going to an 80's prom. Not a good look unless you are a very petite person. MK carried it off well.

(picture from the web)

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