Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello Bolero

I have been making a few dresses in preparation for summer but feel kind of exposed without sleeves. When I go out to a nice dinner or to le bf's families for dinner I feel that arms should not be bare. I know that it would be too hot in the summer to wear some of the shrugs I have, so I was searching for a breezy alternative to the knit cover-up, and I think I have found the perfect thing! I have fallen for bolero's! I think they are cute, can cover the shoulders and are a nice period at the end of a sentence. You can find ones similar to the top left at maryandangelika 's Etsy shop. They can be either plain or very elegant. The one below was done by Bonzie and can be found at their Etsy shop as well. I have a similar pattern for a short jacket that I have been putting off making for a few months. However, after finding these gems I might have to break it out and attempt one. The one below I think is exquisite. It should be worn for a fancy night out. I do not have many of those, so a more plain one like the grey one above would suit me well! The one below is also made by maryandangelika.


  1. these are so cute!

  2. I am looking for a pattern to make something similar. Could you tell me about the pattern you have? (manufacturer, pattern number...)



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