Monday, September 14, 2009

Change Happens

I'm in the mood for a change. I am sick of my hair and how it is always falling in my face and looks so...blah now to me. Before this style I had never really had a hair style per say, just a lot of long hair without layers...I used to trim it myself! Word to the wise, don't do that. The change I'm looking for is to have a lover maintanance cut. I'm really liking Audrey Tautou's style now. She is the woman from the Da Vinci Code. I think she and I have a similar face shape. Short forehead and oval face.

Or Shannon Sossamon

Although I don't want anything that will make me look like a boy. I had enough of that growing up!


  1. It's always so much fun to change up your hair. I think those styles would look great on you! You can really pull off the shorter styles.

  2. I think you'll look great with those styles. Go for it girl.



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