Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Le bf bought a car last week and came down to see me this weekend! It was nice. We did a lot of walking around downtown, went to the drive-in which I haven't done for years and had lots of Pho. If you don't know what Pho is, you really should! I get cravings for it but don't go unless I'm with le bf. It is one of those couply things we do.

The headbands I was making haven't sold as well as I had thought over Etsy, but my belts are! I think they are very unique being from actual cars, but the supply is gone. Cars aren't made with chrome buckles anymore. They are now plastic, so my stock of buckles are an extinct breed and I'm almost all gone. I recently sold this Cadillac belt.

more outfit updates coming soon!


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry your supply ran out for the belts! Those belt buckles can be a hard thing to find. The only place I could think to find them is maybe a junkyard... I don't know.

    Those types of belts used to be all over the stores around here years ago. Everyone was buying them!

    Hopefully you will be able to find some more!

  2. I know! I used to crawl around junkyards and cut them out of cars, so they were used. The ones in stores were new and made for belts.

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