Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As promised, here are some pictures from my Holt Renfrew experience last week. I have had a difficult couple of days and am in for a few more but I wish I had posted these earlier. One thing I will say about Holt is that I can't believe how poor and dingy the fitting rooms were! The display floor of Holt is amazing and clean, but the fitting rooms were horrid. This is a Diana Von Furstenberg dress I liked:


Here is a shawl/cape that I thought was amazing! I love the design of it. The tie weaves through the garment to tie on the outfide at the front. As you can see there aren't sleeves, just a cape but it is so comfy!


Here is a Valentino bag that I had a moment with. It was so soft. I didn't look at the proce tag so tht I wouldn't ruin how I felt about it. It was beautiful:




After this I was trying to take a picture of this Christian Louboutin bag, but was told by the cute sales clerk that I wasn't allowed to take pictures for security reasons, which is understandable. He and I had a moment...I think it was because, being in Holt Renfrew, he thought I had money and wanted e to take him home. lol.


  1. Lovely dress... and that cape is just fabulous. It can be worn as a top too.

  2. Love the Diane von Furstenberg dress! And the Valentino bag is gorgeous!



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