Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thrifted Finds

As I said yesterday, I found two awesome bags/purses/brief case from the Bible Mission near my house. I love this black one because it hasn't been used and it looks very professional. It would be nice to take papers to and from my imaginary job at this point. However, I'm buying things for the job I want. Isn't that the saying? "Dress for the career you want not the one you have". If I was dressing for the career I have I would look like a hobo.


This second shoulder bag I thoughts was great. I only have big heavy purses, and I like to go to flea markets and antique stores. If you do as well, you know that big bags and stores like that don't mix. It fits with the trend of the saddle bag and I really love the hardware on the front. But the best part is it was $2.50 :)



And this is me at 1:30am snapping a few pictures after remembering that I wanted to blog about my thrifted finds the next day.



  1. Dress for the career you want and not the one you have... sounds positive. It's always about visualizing yourself in the situation you want to be in. You have the right attitude so I believe you'll get what you want.

  2. That clutch is huge! love it!

    One Love,

  3. holy shinkeys! look at that oversized love of a purse. i'm jealous.



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